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Because of the high level of workmanship the Lahoux Optics products will not break down easily. In case of normal use there is no need of maintenance for many years of use. In view of the advanced technologies used a breakdown of some of the technological components can however not completely be excluded. In case a repair is needed please contact us or your local dealer. The fastest way to repair your device is to download the repair sheet from our website and send your device together with the repair sheet to our repair centre in Holland. After receipt and analysis of your device we will provide you free of charge with the cost estimate of your repair. If you have registered your product you can track the status of your repair online.

Lahoux Optics B.V.
Stephensonstraat 47
2014 KC Haarlem

Or alternatively you can send the device to our office in Berlin, in which case the repair time will take a bit longer.

Lahoux Optics GmbH
Wigandstaler Straße 23
13086 Berlin