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The history of Lahoux Optics

Night vision technology has a long tradition in the Netherlands. It began as early as 1934 with the invention of the first image intensifier tube by Philips. Since the 1960s, the Netherlands has been one of the leading nations in the production of image intensifier tubes.  In 1970 PHOTONIS started the production of image intensifier tubes in Roden (Netherlands). Photonis has since become one of the largest manufacturers of image intensifier tubes in the world.
Lahoux Optics was founded in 1992. At that time the company supplied optical components to Dutch and Belgian night vision manufacturers. Later Lahoux Optics started with the distribution of PHOTONIS image intensifier tubes in some countries. An important step for Lahoux Optics was the development of its own nightvision and thermal devices. At present Lahoux Optics is one of the few companies in Western Europe that design, develop and produce their own high-end nightvision and thermal devices for the civilian market. Lahoux high-end night vision and thermal imagers are completely developed, manufactured and assembled in Holland. Lahoux devices are characterized by uncompromising quality. In addition to our own production Lahoux Optics offers devices produced in factories we closely cooperate with. Lahoux Optics stands for fast and first class service.