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The most important factor when mounting a high quality Lahoux night vision optic, such as the Lahoux LV-81 or the Lahoux Hemera, is an absolutely dust-free and clean laboratory atmosphere. Cleaning the lenses is a top priority. Even the smallest impurities are detected during quality control and the device is sorted out.


Our employees love Lahoux products. That's why they pay attention to maximum precision during assembly. A precision that you will then experience during the hunt. Minimal point of impact shift, maximum return accuracy.

Quality Control

Every Lahoux unit goes through the strict quality control. Here, every function and dimensional accuracy is checked again. Only units that meet the standards 100 percent leave the production line.

High Precision

We use high-precision collimation systems in quality control for the maximum precision and the the highest accuracy of our Lahoux attachements. You can have complete confidence in this when shooting.